FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What does clear water mean? 

According to DIRECTIVE 2009/125/EC Commission Regulation (EU) No 547/2012, ‘clean water’ means water with a maximum non-absorbent free solid content of 0,25 kg/m3, and with a maximum dissolved solid content of 50 kg/m3, provided that the total gas content of the water does not exceed the saturation volume. Any additives that are needed to avoid water freezing down to -10°C shall not be taken into account.
Model: D-CW / D-CWP

What is the recommended setup in case of GLYCOL?

With glycol up to 10% we can use the pump from -2 °C up to +40 °C With glycol up to 30% we can use the pump from +5 °C up to +40°C.

The pump stops after running for a short time

The thermal overload protection device stops the pump. Contact the service center.
Model: D-CW / D-DW / D-CWP / D-DWP


What does the indication of the technical label mean? 


What should I do if the pump is not working? 

If no FAQ is giving support to solve the problem, please use the contact page to send an e-mail and you will contacted by our service partner. Alternatively, you may go to the shop where the pump has been purchased.
Model: All

Where is it possible to find the Instruction Manual?

In the product page of the website you may find Instruction Manaul, Quick Guide and installation video.
Model: All

What if the WiFi signal of my domestic network is low or absent around to the pump?

You may use a WiFi extender to increase the reach of your WiFi signal. You may use any commercial WiFi extender, following the producer’s instruction to install it.
Model: D-EBOOST WiFi