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Privacy Notice   Latest revision: March 2017

When you reach (“the Website”), or any other websites of the group (e.g., Dab Pumps S.p.A., via Marco Polo 14, 35035 Mestrino (PD) Italy (“DAB”) is granted access toyour personal details in compliance with the privacy notice below.
DAB is well aware of the need to ensure the privacy of your personal details, and of the obligation to ensure adequate protection and responsible treatment of all personal details received on line.
If you are unable to agree to our Privacy Policy, please do not visit our site.
Personal Details
The term “personal details” is used to describe all the information that may be used to identify a physical person, including name and surname, age, gender, e-mail address and any other contact information, the private address, or any other physical addresses, irrespective of whether private or workplace address.
Types of personal details are collected and treated
As a rule, it is possible to access the website without leaving any personal details.
However, DAB needs to record your specific personal details in order to forward to you its Newslette,and provide other services.
If required for the use of specific functions of certain DAB applications, it may be necessary to forward technical details concerning such applications. This might be in order to enable DAB to provide a better service to its customers, or to send technical and commercial information, or to put in place activities for the improvement of its products.
DAB records and processes your details when:
– you create or modify a user account to access certain services, such as MyDab, D.Learning, D.Connect, App Tallas.
– you send an enquiry or a comment.
– you enter your personal information on the website.
DAB shall only record the personal details that are necessary for the provision of the service required (e.g. your e-mail address or private address).
In addition to the details provided directly by you, your computer will also automatically supply some details, which will be recorded by DAB in order to analyse how visitors navigate through its website. This is done through Google Analytics.
DAB shall never receive or use personal details of users from third party companies.
DAB shall not record details on payment methods, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and similar.
Who could we forward your personal details to?
The personal details that you enter on the website shall only be disclosed to:
– Companies of the DAB group
– Carefully selected third party companies, with the sole purpose of providing you with products or services that you have requested.
DAB shall communicate and treat your personal details in full compliance with current Italian and EU privacy regulations.
In order to develop and improve the website, statistical data are collected on the way visitors use the website. These data shall only be used cumulatively, for example to ascertain which pages are mostoften visited by our visitors, and which browsers they use.
DAB uses Google Analytics to record the details of website visitors and forwards the IP addresses in data format to Google Analytics.
Google Analytics may further disclose the data to third party companies or companies connected to them, always in compliance with current laws.
Notwithstanding the above, DAB shall not forward the details of individual users, or of how they individually use the services available on the website.
How are your personal details treated?
Personal details are stored on a server in Italy. Some personal details are treated by third-party companies (data processors), who store and process personal details on behalf of DAB, in compliance with this Privacy Notice and the applicable regulations for the protection of personal details.
Personal details shall only and exclusively be stored for the time required for the above purposes, and in any case never beyond the terms permitted by law.
Access to your details
You can change the details of your account and the areas of interest at any time. If desired, you canask to be contacted regarding a product offer, a service, or to unsubscribe from our newsletter.
You can always oppose to the registration and the use of your personal details. Should you wish to receive information regarding the areas where your personal details are stored, or if you want to oppose to the use of your personal details, you can do so by sending an e-mail to:
Cookies are small text strings that the websites visited by the user send to their terminal (to the browsers only), where they are saved, to be then resent back to the websites themselves when the user visit them again.
Types of cookies used only uses technical cookies.
In details, the site only installs the following cookies:

  • so-called session cookies, the use of which is strictly functional to the optimisation of the use of the website, and therefore only with the purpose of ensuring better navigation of the same.Session cookies used by this internet website do not allow the acquisition of the personal identification data of the user.
  • analytical cookies (to be precise Google Analytics), only used for statistical purposes, to identify the pages most used by the visitors of the website, to ascertain how long visitors spend visiting the website, and their geographical areas of origin. The information is then used in aggregated form.

Third-party cookies
This website does not install or use third-party cookies, although it allows their transmission to the terminal of the user. To be precise, the third-party cookies that third parties may install on the terminal of the user come from You Tube.
For more information on the cookies used by You Tube, please visit the website:
How can I disable cookies?
Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) are configured to accept cookies, but also allow for their settings to be changed, so that cookies may be disabled.
It is however important to point out that disabling cookies may cause the internet website not to operate correctly.
Users are however free to disable the use of cookies, including third-party cookies (You Tube), by selecting the appropriate settings on their browser.

To disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting navigation data, it is possible to download the additional browser component for the disabling of Google Analytics:

Contacts, amendments and updates to the Privacy Policy
DAB is obliged at all times to meet the legislative requirements for the protection of privacy. At the top of our privacy policy, you will be able to see when it was last updated.
For any questions and comments regarding our Privacy Policy and the treatment of your personal details, please e-mail
Applicable law
The legal aspects of the website are regulated by the current Italian Law.


I declare to have read and accept the privacy policy notification in all of its parts.