TALLAS, finally Plug & Play high hydraulic technology for your home

TALLAS is a complete range of DIY pumps suitable for domestic uses, from garden irrigation, to garage and cellar draining and pumping of wells and tanks, up to those models that, thanks to state of the art electronics, enable non-professional users to resolve water pressure issues inside the home. All the TALLAS products are Plug&Play, which means that they have been conceived for immediate, simple, and quick operation, thanks to their basic settings, and visual and intuitive instructions.

TALLAS products have a very pleasing look, result of the worldly renowned Italian design and taste, are extremely easy to handle, and have also been conceived for difficult spaces. For example, the D-ECONCEPT TALLAS domestic pressure set features a water-cooled pump body, an absolute first for the DIY market, which makes it possible for it to also be installed in areas of the home without significant air flow. It also features inverter electronics, capable of modulating energy absorption based on needs. D-ECONCEPT is only one of the completely new DIY solutions.

Thanks to the TALLAS range, hobby enthusiasts will have available technologies that in the past were only intended for professional users. TALLAS, powered by Dab, is a new brand that takes advantage of the 40 years of professional experience of the DAB PUMPS Group, one of the world leaders in water distribution technologies. A strong history, result of a long Italian tradition of high technology developments in the sector, and which makes the TALLAS range extremely reliable. Families will love it also for the capacity of its products to bring important energy and water savings. TALLAS will be available in the main European countries and in South Africa starting from February 2016, mainly at dedicated national DIY chains.


Plug & Play

Simple & quick operation


Save space in your house

Easy to Install

Technology for everyone

Designed in Italy

40 years of professional experience

Company Certifications

DAB Group  recognizes as its strategic objective the safeguard of the Environment and the Health and Safety of workers and has always been committed to increasing the value of its group, its products and services as well as the ability and sensitivity of all staff. The group is committed to operate in full compliance with the rules and regulations in force and undersigned by pursuing a continuous improvement of its performance.

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