Garden water pump

Garden pumps are electric pumps for increasing water pressure,”pressurization”. They are surface pumps; that is, pumps that are placed on the ground and draw water that is usually at a lower level, from a well or cistern, or directly from the mains, where permitted. They are all self-priming pumps that draw water from a cistern, tank, reservoir or well to a depth of up to 8 metres by means of a pipe that is immersed in the water. They work even in the presence of (a few) air bubbles. The pressurized water is then used to irrigate a vegetable plot, a garden or a lawn.

When to use a garden pump

A garden pump should be used when you need to use water to irrigate lawns and gardens. Surface pumps are used when water has previously been stored in tanks or cisterns. Pumps of this type can also be used to increase the pressure of water from the mains (where regulations permit). 

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