Well pump

The well pump draws water from a well, even a very deep one, and increases the pressure. It is suitable for various uses: it is mainly used to irrigate gardens or vegetable plots, even large ones. Well pumps can also be used to draw off accumulated rainwater, but this is not their main purpose.

The submersible electric pump pushes water from a well of varying depth, and can handle a higher or lower water flow rate depending on the model.

Depending on the model, water can be pumped from a well with the water almost at the surface, or from a deep well (such as boreholes). 

It is also possible to pump water up to more than 300 metres. Various models are available depending on the characteristics of the well, the desired flow rate, and the water use. 

The well pump can be placed either inside the cavity or immersed in the water. 
Attention must be paid to the diameter of the well, which of course, must be larger than that of the pump. Conventionally, submersible pumps are classified by the width of the well in inches. So 4" pumps are not really 4", but are suitable for fitting into a 4" well.

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