TALLAS is the leader European brand for water pumps for domestica applications. It is a part of the DAB Pumps Group, global trend-setter in the professional water pumps’ market and resulting of a long Italian tradition of high technology developments in the sector, which makes this range extremely reliable.  

TALLAS is a complete range of simple, but highly technologically, water pumps for irrigation, water pressure increase, drainage, designed to be easy-to-install, water and energy saving, unmistakable features guaranteed and signed by DAB Pumps know-how. 

The entire line is distinguished by its ease of use and state-of-the-art electronics, which also allows non-professional users to take care of the installation of the products independently. 

TALLAS has many solutions for the home and gardening, including pumps with variable frequency drive technology capable of modulating energy absorption as needed, pumps for automatic stop when water is missing; all solutions are characterized by water-cooled motors, silent and highly efficient. 

Who is DAB? 

With over 3 million items produced every year, DAB electric pumps are synonymous of technology and reliability. Established in 1975, DAB PUMPS is today an international point of reference in the water movement sector. The careful selection of materials and the approval procedures applied to each line before production release, ensure both product resistance and maximum performance levels.