Applications & Use

Home & Garden


Imagine you are taking a shower or washing the car and… no water arrives…scaring moments!!

Sometimes pressure of water is not enough for daily activities in house & garden, and our pumps allow homogeneous pressure throughout the house while maintaining a high energy saving and no waste of water.


Drinking Water

Why waste drinking water?

Our pumps are designed and produced to be suitable for drinking water applications and certified with the French standard ACS.



A well-kept home can be seen from the garden, and to have a beautiful garden a good irrigation is needed. Our pumps offer different solutions for watering the garden:

• Draw water from wells and tanks.

• Take water from rainwater tanks.



Clear Water

Maybe you need to aspire water without dirty particles, coming from pipe brakes, laundry-machine damages, swimming pool or rainstormings. Our pumps can solve your problems by dumping flooded houses and garages.


Dirty Water

There are pumps suitable for the drainage of dirty water with presence of leaves and solid particles (maximum 38 mm of diameter), also suitable for empty cellars or ponds.


Salt Water

We also thought of all the occasionsin which you need to aspire salt water, designing an anticorrosive pump suitable for marine and boat applications.



Silent Pumps

All TALLAS pumps are very silent: from 70 dB to 79 dB depending on the pump model.


Water Cooled Motors



The motor is cooled by the water inside the pump:

  • The liquid is forced to flow between external and engine sleeve, efficiently cooling the motor.
  • There is then no more need of cooling fan: no damages and no dirty particles on its grid.
  • Thanks to this innovative solution, pumps reult more compact and silent.


Self-priming is the ability to aspirate the air contained in the intake pipe during the pump start-up phase. Our pumps have been designed to have the best self-priming performance: up to 8 meters in less than 3 minutes, according to the model.


Smart Packaging

All pumps are provided with a smart packaging, studied to support the consumer in an easy and quick understanding of:

  • Fatures
  • Applications

The packaging may be used as trade marketing material.

Pumps Design

These hig quality pumps are easy for do-it-yourselfers to install, offering a plug and play operation, but are manufactured to provide long life with minimal maintenance. Some of the main characteristics are:

  • FLEXIBILITY: same parts for different models.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: new design and high tchnological products.
  • RELIABILITY: rotor and sealing sizing are studied to guarantee the stress reduction for their applications.
  • AVANT-GUARD HYDRAULICS: impellers/diffusers’ geometries are optiomized.
  • SAFE: overheating protection to preserve the engine.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: technopolymer materials to guarantee pump’s performances.