FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by clear water?

Definition of water-clear:- perfectly transparent and nearly or wholly colorless ·
water with a maximum non-absorbent, free solid content of 0.002lb/Gal (0,25 kg/m3), and with a maximum dissolved solid content of 0.42 lb/Gal (50 kg/m3), provided that the total gas content of the water does not exceed the saturation volume.

Model: D-CW / D-CWP

Can these pumps be used with GLYCOL?

Yes they are chemically resistant up to a 30% solution, but these are usually used for drinking water or irrigation applications where you should not use GLYCOL.


The pump stops after running for a short time:

The thermal overload protection device stops the pump. Contact the service center

Model: D-CW / D-DW / D-CWP / D-DWP


What does the indication of the technical label mean?

What should I do if the pump is not working?

If no FAQ is able to help to solve the problem, please contact the shop where the pump has been purchased from or alternatively use the contact page to send an e-mail and you will get a reply from our service partner.

Model: All

Where is it possible to find the Instruction Manual?

In the product page of the website you may find Instruction Manaul, Quick Guide and installation video

Model: All

What if the WiFi signal of my domestic network is low or absent around to the pump?

You may use a WiFi extender to increase the reach of your WiFi signal. You may use any commercial WiFi extender, following the producer’s instruction to install it.

Model: D-EBOOST WiFi

How do I find the spare part that I need for a repair?

Please contact your local distributor for any Spare part kits.

Model: All

What should I do in case of fault? 

If you find that your Tallas product is faulty, contact your local distributor.

Model: All

Can I use a pump for Dirty water also for clean water applications?

If you need a pump to be used for clean and dirty water, then D-DW is suitable for both applications. This is due to the 2 position adjustable base filter.


Can I use the pump with liquid containing gravel and stones?

No the maximum particles dimension refered to is for soft materials. Gravel and stone can damage the hydraulic part of the pump.


Where can I install the pump for gardening applications?

All surface pumps must be placed in a dry and clean space, not exposed to the weather elements.


Can I place the pump in a non-airy space?

Yes, all Tallas pumps are designed with a water cooling motors. This means they can be placed in small and stuffy spaces.

Model: All

Can I use the pump for drinking water applications?

Yes, all the surface pumps are suitable for drinking water applications. They are all certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 (NSF-61)


How long could a pump work without pumping water?

All pumps should NEVER work without liquid, otherwise they would be damaged. Our electronic pumps are equipped with the anti dry-run function. These pumps are equipped with sensors in order to prevent the dry-run (without a needing a floatswitch).

Model: All

What happen if I keep the floatswitch in vertical position?

If the floatswitch is held in vertical position the pump works in manual mode:   it works until the electric plug is disconnected from the power supply. If you use the pump like this, it does not have any protection against it dry-runnning.  If there is no liquid, the pump will be damaged.


Can I use pumps to increase the pressure?

Pressurization pumps (pumps with tanks or pumps with electronic controls) may be used for increasing the water pressure. It is important to remember that the max operating pressure of pumps is 84 psi (6 bar).


Can I use Tallas pumps constantly?

Tallas pumps have not been designed for constant use. TALLAS pumps are expected to start/stop at least once per day on not more that 30 times per hour, this gives an life expectancy of around 250’000 starts (depending on the liquid type).

Model: All

Can I connect a check valve to pumps for dirty water?

Only special check valves are suitable for dirty water applications: Standard check valves clog up quickly in dirty liquids.

Model: D-DWP

Are Tallas pumps frost resistant?

No, pumps are not frost resistant and they need to be protected. They are equipped with a drain plug to allow the pump to be emptyed.

Model: All

What software does the SMARTY APP need?

For iOS system 9.1 version or more.

For Android system 4.2 version or more.

Model: D-EBOOST Wi-Fi